meredith v. carrie

so, meredith v. carrie…was thinking about this last nite…like i love carrie and relate to her so much so so so so so much…even when she cheated with big…i had so much like sympathy for her ya know?! altho mad at her…still related, very real feelings…very true feelings…very common connection…but with meredith, pretty annoyed. i dunno. like you said, she is not a good person and yet has THREE great guys in love with her? (george, vet, derreck) PUHLEASE!

addison, definitely respected her last season…learned to, even if she DID cheat on mcdreamy. but felt more sympathetic after seeing as she cheated b/c he was not emotionally THERE for her. she did it to get his attention…plus his friend was so the type to hit on his best friend’s wife…c’mon!!

anyway, miranda bailey, do like her more now than before…kinda like a monster i grew to like.

christina, still not feeling her and still think burke is too good for her. just dont know. what’s he see in her? i dont get it.

mcdreamy…just being a guy. wants to have his cake and eat it too. not cool. if he wanted to divorce addison, he should have. she served him with the papers (not allowed by the way, lol) but like he chose not to sign…b/c he wanted to give his marriage a chance. very respectable action…

BUT now that he tells meredith “it’s your choice” wtf?! not cool. it’s YOUR choice asshole. you ditched your wife and moved across the country and screwed your intern w/o telling her u were married. and now your intern makes the decision for you? was it not obvious that meredith was painfully in love with him? george even said “she pines for you” and mcdreamy goes “she pines for me?!” like w/ a gleam in his eye…happy upon realizing meredith loved him. DUH.

i don’t like what he’s doing to meredith. my mom is a hardcore meredith fan. when derreck told her he was not pleased with the way she dealt with her emotions…(random hook ups with strange men) and she said “i choose to heal the way i want to…blah blah blah” my mom thought derreck was such a jerk for that. but then again, i dunno. they’re both jerks.

on SATC, Big was a jerk for ditching carrie and marrying someone w/o really being compatible with her. he tried to make it work…b/c Natasha had the sophisticated appearance of a girl who was all put together and so perfect for him…on the surface. but carrie was truly THE ONE. in this case, addison is better for derreck than meredith is…so it’s quite hard for me to root for her…even if she IS the heroine.