Status quo…

There is a comfort in things staying the same. Yet how does one move ahead when they continually embrace the same old things? It is beyond a battle of emotions. It is beyond a battle of worry. It is one of those things that even an hour long chat with your best friend can never solve. You can dig and obsess and wonder and analyze. Constantly looking for a pattern, a formula. Trying to figure out what you’re meant to make your life purpose. Who will you end up with? Whether you’re supposed to keep searching in the world of unattainables or do you finally give in to a less intense version of what you envision for your love and for your life? do you finally give in to a nice guy? Or do you toss him back into a pile of the ones who got away… You know who they are. you toss em away and watch them move on with others. And you think…is being alone better? Is it preferred? Yes. Always. But why do we do so with such confidence and conviction? Why? Because we have a love that manages to find its way into the fold of the status quo. He’s also unattainable but the eerie thing is, you possess a part of him that no one else will ever touch. Not just that, but as much as he puts his best face forward for the world and shares his most authentic self with you… You save your idealism for him. And though you continue the pattern, one that never improves and merely suspends itself over all other realms of change in progress… You find that you’ll never be his but he’ll never be anyone else’s.

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