reduce, reuse, recycle

Apparently the theme of the Summer is to “recycle”…recycle cans? Sure. Recycle paper? Why not? But more so…RECYCLING MEN.

Face it, girls…getting to know new people can be a pain. It’s a daunting task. The fear and trauma of…”oh, is he interested?” “ohh does he want to get to know me??”
You’ve already met people in the past who seemed to tickle your fancy. You’ve exchanged numbers (one of the most annoying parts of getting close to someone new). You’ve had experiences. You share inside jokes. You’ve already moved past those lame questions like: 1) do you have any brothers and sisters?; 2) what kind of music do you listen to?; 3) do you watch television?
So why bother with someone new when you can roll that Rolodex round and round and compose a cute little, flirty text message to someone who’s already meant something to you. Ok, so they likely disappointed ou. Most people do!! So what if you already hooked up? Great. At least you know what to expect. So what if you stopped talking to them, cold turkey? Maybe they’re lonely and they’ll respond to you. The goal here is to make contact, get a response, and go back to that frozen *interest* from the past and pick up where you left off…(maybe). If not, at least it’s someone to hang out with…someone who’ll probably kiss you at the end of the night.
Try it.
It’s hardly bad.
You already got over them once.
You’re well aware as to what you dislike about them.
Snapping out of it will be easy b/c you’ve already endured the worst…
BOTTOM LINE: You have nothing to lose with someone you already lost!
Now send that blasted text message.
You won’t regret it.

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