And so…you did it again. You blame it on self-centered me…but you fail to examine your own mistakes. I’m tired of hating you. After a lifetime of pain and regret…we’re finally at a place where we seem comfortable. But the co-dependency has reached an all new extreme. Sure, I’m not as resentful. Yet I realize you need me far more than I need you. You’re just a habit…that’s all you are. The human mind can adapt to anything. You taught me that. Perhaps it can…if given the chance to do so. And why do I bother to hold on instead of actually taking that chance? Habit. Looking back, the happiest times of my life have been the times that I haven’t bothered with you. Where the ebb and flow of life has been my gauge for happiness…not your treatment of me. Here we are…older…never wiser. Still playing the same game. I want to rid myself of you. I’ve prayed for this.


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