i did learn something.

as for not learning anything from the experience with him, well…hmm…i’d like to think i learned not to judge people based on their facades…like u can look like a million bucks, but really be the scum of the earth on the inside. i also realized, some people dont change. they are not malleable. like, not all people are seeking personality evolutions… furthermore, i learned that a guy who is a jerk to the world, will sooner or later, be a jerk to you. i also learned that i don’t need a pretentious bastard with a stick up his butt…that i’d rather be happy and satisfied and loved and cared for by someone a bit more humble…and a lil less rude. i also learned that there are some people out there, u just can’t shake. they may acknowledge kindness, care, and/or concern…but they will not accept it. and people like that, they are not our close friends…they maybe our diplomatic social allies…but that’s the closest they’ll ever come. b/c it’s people like you and me who are meant to share our souls, pains, and stuff others would label TMI. everyone needs someone like us…HE found me…but he rejected me too…he’ll always need me (or someone like me)…but he’ll never have it…HIS LOSS, but more importantly, HIS choice. ::shrug::

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