f u

fuck u fuck u fuck u

ok, now that i got that out…sorry ’bout the disrespect…i know how much u “hate” that…and take it ONLY from me (me=the one who is always sweet, cheery, honest, loving, caring, concerned, and self-sacrificing…)

alright…i despise you…i have a million and one reasons to despise you! and i’m finally sick of this cycle…i dont know what’s going to happen this time…seriously tho…i am more than ready to say my final fuck you and bow out…completely…

i’m hurt
i’m angry
i’m sad
i’m depressed
i’m over it

i can’t deal with this cycle
it’s not getting us anywhere
and as long as you desire to hold the power position in this game…i’m going to be a sickly, weak, vulnerable fool (for you)…

a fool who holds on to petty, idealistic–childish dreams…who still believes in destiny…kismet…fate…”meant to be”…

u can walk away…u can search the world, far and wide…u’ll never find ME…and worse that that…u won’t come close to finding someone who’ll make u feel half of what i make you feel…who cares about u…half as much as i do…who loves u…like i do…

u’ve really taken my life and made it this mess…without u in it…i was an innocent, peaceful CHILD…and u’ve taken me and given me this depth of feeling, perception, intuition, understanding…

perhaps a life without feeling is not really ‘living’ at all…but a life that’s only about feeling? what is that? it consumes me to the point of destruction…it’s shattered my vision…it’s shattered my hope…it’s scorched my passion…

i’ll never love someone like i love you

i’ll never care for anyone like i care for you

i’ll never live for anyone the way i live for you

one day, i’ll learn why i wasn’t meant for you…
and someday, you’ll finally see…that i was the one for you

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